Highest powerplay score in IPL

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What is IPL ?

The Indian Premier League, commonly known as the IPL, is a T20 cricket tournament played between teams named after places in India . The IPL is one of the most loved cricket tournaments in the world . It is a treat to the cricket fans nationally as well as internationally . The IPL began in the year 2008 and has gained more & more fan following with each passing year . Unlike the cricket World Cups , Ipl is played once every year .

The fixtures , rules and the other important decisions are taken by the Board of Control for Cricket in India . There could be only 4 international players in the playing eleven and the other 7 are Indian players . The IPL is a great source of talent identification . It has opened the pathway to the National team for many players . Ravichandran Ashwin , Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja are examples of some players who got selected in the National team because of their excellent performance in the IPL .


There are 10 IPL teams presently running in the race to lift the IPL trophy, which are as follows :

  • Royal Challengers Bangalore ( RCB )
  • Chennai Super Kings ( CSK )
  • Punjab Kings ( PBKS )
  • Gujarat Titan ( GT )
  • Lucknow Super Giants ( LSG )
  • Mumbai Indians ( MI )
  • Sunrise Hyderabad ( SRH )
  • Rajasthan Royals ( RR )
  • Kolkata Knight Riders ( KKR )
  • Delhi Capitals ( DC )

Note – LSG & GT were introduced in 2021 .

What is Powerplay ?

Powerplay is one of the most entertaining parts of an IPL match for the audience . In Powerplay, for the first 6 overs out of the 20 overs , only 2 players are allowed to stay outside the 30 yard circle . It is a mandatory rule which is to be followed in every match . For most of the time, it has proved to be beneficial for the batting team. . It is the best opportunity for the opening batsmen to maximise the runs for their team, which can lead to a higher total score in most cases . The fielders in the 30 yard circle are given very specific positions to stop the batting team from achieving their target and to grab their wickets . It is a breathtaking part of the match for both the playing teams as well as their fans .

Pros of powerplay :

  • Generates faster runs .
  • Allows strategies .
  • Possibility of a good overall score .
  • It keeps alive the interest of the viewers.

Cons of powerplay

  • Restriction on fielding .
  • Performance pressure .
  • It makes the gameplay unpredictable .

Highest powerplay score in the IPL

The IPL is rightly said to be an unpredictable game as the tables could turn any moment . Be it one six or one wicket, it can change the direction of a match in just a few seconds . One of the best moments the audience can witness in the IPL is to watch records getting broken at an unexpected time . One such moment was witnessed in the IPL season 11 , on 7th May 2017 in M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru, which stunned the audience . Kolkata Knight Riders scored the highest powerplay score of 105/0 in the IPL, which is still unbroken against Royal challengers Bangalore at their ( RCB ) home ground under the captaincy of Gautam Gambhir .

Overall Match brief ( KKR vs. RCB 2017

Kolkata Knight Riders won the toss and chose to field against RCB in match 46 of season 7. With strong bowling and fielding, KKR stopped RCB at the score of 158 /6 runs in the complete 20 overs and had the target of 159 runs to win .

KKR played an attacking innings that day . The opening duo of KKR scored a massive huge score of 105/0 in the powerplay ( the first six overs ) . Finally , KKR won the match by achieving 159/4 in 15.1 overs only .

Powerplay ( KKR’s performance )

Chris Lynn5o2254
Sunil Narine541764
Contribution of the opening batsmen in highest IPL powerplay score .

It is still the highest IPL score made in powerplay by any team yet . The Chris Lynn and Sunil Narine duo smashed the RCB bowlers in powerplay which created the situation of pressure for RCB as it had a low score of 158 to defend . Chris Lynn completed his fifty with 9 boundaries included whereas Sunil Narine hit 54 runs with the help of six 4s and four 6s . After a tremendous partnership and breaking the record of highest runs in powerplay Sunil Narine got out on 105 runs in 6.1 overs by Pawan following with the wicket of Chris Lynn on 107 runs in 7.3 overs . It was a delight for the live audience to watch this exciting performance of the KKR duo . But still Kolkata Knight Riders managed to win the match in 15.1 overs by achieving the target 159 runs on 4 wickets .

Sunil Narine won the Man of the match award .

RCB’s performance

BowlerRunsOvers ThrownWicket
Aniket Choudhary141 over0
Samuel badree312 overs0
Yuzvendra Chahal382 overs0
Sreenath Aravind261 over0
RCB bowlers performance in powerplay

Royal challengers Bangalore’s bowling performance was poor in the powerplay . The bowlers gave easy 105 runs in the first six overs to the KKR which proved to be the biggest mistake in the IPL season .

The match would have been upsetting for RCB and exciting for KKR but it surely was a thrilling match for the cricket fans as nobody expected what we got to witness in the match i.e. pure domination , the fight for Survival and the gameplay of both the playing teams .


In conclusion , the Indian Premier League is loved by fans world wide as well. It generates great revenue too . Fans wait for a whole year just to watch IPL and so do players to play together . It promotes international unity as well . But sometimes I expect things to happen which leave the fans either in tears or tears full of joy . The powerplay has become a crucial factor in calculating a team’s probability of winning . Over the years , we have witnessed many unexpected moments in the IPL , be it IPL new record making or old records getting broken . One of such moments was the match played on 7th May 2017 between KKR and RCB in which KKR broke the record of the highest powerplay score in the IPL, which was earlier held by Chennai Super Kings ( CSK ) . It unlocks the hidden potential & skills of players from both sides . The true purpose of IPL is to offer entertainment to the audience and the powerplay has been proved successful in doing so . Despite being unpredictable, the IPL gets love and support from people in a greater quantity than before with the passing year.

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